New Blog.

24 06 2008

The original Stick Ninja blog is still available.

Why move this?

Well, a few reasons:

  1. is taken.
  2. It is summer now. After failing miserably at the simple task of posting one meager update per week as per the Gruedorf Challenge rules due to my schoolings and such, I have decided to take the summer largely off with the intention of working on Stick Ninja, Cabedge, and now Pulser. With this clean start, and since I have moved away from a lot of the things I posted on the old blog, I am just starting afresh. Is afresh a word?
  3. This theme is awesome.

So join me, my friends, as we re-embark on a troubled journey of a young aspiring game designer who is making things up as he goes and hoping against hope that it turns out playable.