Physics integration: getting somewhere

7 07 2008

I am approaching a place where I have integrated with Carot in a coherent sort of way that will allow me to begin bouncing around environments.

It has a feature that allows you to create vertices from a bitmapped sprite, which at first seemed like a pretty awesome idea, but then I realized that, since we are dealing with a rather sparse stick man for a main character, situations would arise where you would land one foot on a platform, rock backwards and then find yourself stuck with a girter wedged in your stick crotch. It also occurred to me that players would probably be less than pleased if a bullet struck their bandana and it was treated as a collision. And then I realized that I was going to have to have a vertex set for every frame of animation if I went that route. So for now I’m opting for hit rectangles on sprites, unless I can talk myself back into it.

Platforms, however, seem like they would be a good fit for sprite-based vertices. I could have all manner of wacky shaped slopes and whatnot and it will handle it. I’ll experiment with that when I’ve got something boring like jumping in place on a single platform working.