14 08 2008

Two weeks ago I hit a problem with the physics engine I’m using. There’s an IgnoresGravity property for each physics body, which I set for platforms. As it happens, the moment I turn on IgnoresGravity for a platform, Stick Ninja himself will also ignore gravity. Oh GOOD!

I wrestled with that for a little while on my laptop up in Mt Shasta, away from the hustle and bustle of Internet, but found that lack of in-code documentation for this thing was making me do a lot of guess work that I really did not feel like doing.

Now I am back in Seattle, to find that my desktop’s HD exploded and is no longer bootable. The often delightful Spinrite was unable to get it working again after a 30 hour run (can’t fault it for not trying, certainly), so now I’m waiting on Newegg to deliver some goods. My laptop currently has approximately 5 minutes of battery juice remaining, and its charger resides at the lost and found of a hotel in Walnut Creek, waiting for the manager to drop it off at the post office. I am updating this from school.

So I am really pissed off at Stick Ninja right now and I kind of want to throw all the code I have out the frigging window. Rather than do that, I am going to stick exclusively to design work for a while until I no longer wish death upon it.

I have also kicked off a little side project with Overkill which is a sort of text adventure roguelike that is going to be as randomly generated as we can possibly make it. I’ll start posting updates on that as well.




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