The Katana

10 07 2008

SN begins the game with his trusty katana. It’s a very deadly up close against squishier opponents, but obviously has some shortcomings when facing an armored foe toting a machine gun.

Successive well-timed katana combo hits will keep an enemy frozen in place. The timing for the continued combo hits will get trickier the longer your chain is, and occasionally something unexpected might happen: maybe you’ll disarm your opponent, maybe you’ll dishead your opponent. Maybe you’ll suddenly spin around and roundhouse him off a cliff. Maybe you’ll swipe with a wakizashi and get a killer finishing blow. As your katana combo increases, the likelihood of a beneficial event occurring will increase as well. I think I’m going to make these more or less random.

Perhaps you are wondering why you would ever use a katana in a game where you can have a rocket launcher. I’m glad you asked! While I find physical pummelings very satisfying in video games, a good argument could be made that I will be giving the player a weapon that is quickly obsoleted by even the most rudimentary of firearms. However, the katana is going to be a very important method of terrain traversal: you use it to wall jump.

Much like Super Metroid, Stick Ninja contains the ability to jump onto a wall and then use that to jump even higher. However, in Stick Ninja, this is achieved by stabbing your katana into the wall while you are mid-jump. You can then push off of it and pull it out behind you as you jump. The off-the-wall jumps aren’t going to allow you to jump as high as a regular jump, but you can jump a bit further as a trade-off.

One of the first buildings you enter on Dyce 36 is going to train this behavior, and I intend to keep it in use throughout.




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